• A Bit About Us

    It all started in 2000, that’s when the first bottle of wine created and sold. We were a family owned and operated business then and still are today. Our wine was loved by all and soon we realized that we were going to need to expand. Construction for our building today began in 2007 and since then we have been keep the shelves stocked with the best wine and accessories that you can get.

    Since 2000 we have created several different varieties of wine all with a focus on using Wisconsin grown fruit, sometimes we need to venture outside of Wisconsin to get the best but all our fruit is from the USA. In addition all of our amazing cheese that gets carved is proudly Wisconsin made. I invite you to come on in, taste our wine and enjoy the breeze on our patio. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

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Our Wine


    Niagara Wine $9.95

    This a dry but fruity wine similar to a German Rhine, which is light-bodied and a just a bit sweet, leaving a crisp and refreshing finish.

    Cherry Wine $7.95

    This wine is created from tart Door County Cherries that are from “the Ledge”. The Ledge is Wisconsin first AVA certified growing, this soil gives the wine hints of cinnamon, bitters and just a touch of liquorish flavors.

    Merlot Wine $9.95

    The grapes for Merlot Wine come from Central Napa California, this soil adds softer notes into the wine. This creates a soft flavorful grape tannin finish to the wine.

    Ruby Cabernet Wine $9.95

    This soft wine has notes of sweet blackberries and currents. This wine is created from Olmo Grapes, a cross between a Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan Grape, which grow in Central Napa California.

    Chardonnay Wine $9.95

    Our Chardonnay Wine is a dry and a yet fruity wine that has soft aromatic hints of green apple and pear, leaving you with a crisp finish.

    Zinfandel Wine $9.95

    This is a lightly sweetened wine that is just pass the dry end but, finishes with an expressive tannin taste that leave you wanting more.

    Raspberry Wine $10.95

    This wine finishes just a little sweet with soft hints of raspberries. This wine was created using the whole raspberry, which encourages the soft raspberry finish.

    Green Leprechaun $7.95

    An inventive combination of apple and lemon fruit with just a hint of lime to add in a soft surprise. This wine leaves a flavor that you cannot resist.


    Lemon Wine $9.95

    An inventive combination of apple and lemon fruit with just a hint of lime to add in a soft surprise. This wine leaves a flavor that you cannot resist.

    Kiss of Blarney $9.95

    This wine is made from the Catawba grape that is grown in central Michigan. The sandy Michigan soil creates a perfect blend of flavors that you will love.

    Blueberry Cherry Wine $9.95

    This wine is made from Door County Cherries and Wisconsin Blueberries, this irresistible flavor combination will leave you wanting more.

    Concord Blend Wine $9.95

    This blend of Niagara Wine and Concord Wine is lightly sweetened with hints of brown sugar and honey, leaving a crisp and refreshing finish.

    Bah Humbug Wine $9.95

    This wine is our Concord Wine with a bit Holiday twist with mulling spices blended right in, leaving you in a Holiday mood for more.

    Pear Wine $7.95

    This is the taste of summertime fun and friends, with soft notes of sweet pear, leaving you with a crisp and refreshing finish that you can not get enough of.

    Pineapple Wine $9.95

    This soft semi sweet wine leaves you with a taste of the tropics with soft notes of sweet pineapple it will leave you wanting more.


    Christmas Wine $9.95

    This wine is the perfect blend of our tart cranberry wine and our soft fruity blueberry wine. Pairs perfect with all meals not just for your Holiday meals.

    Apple Cranberry Wine $7.95

    This is a sweet blend of tart cranberry wine with just enough sweet apple wine to create a wonderful blend that you will just love.

    Cranberry Wine $7.95

    The perfect blend of Wisconsin grown sweet and tart cranberries, this is base of all things wonderful. This sweet and tart blend will leaving craving for more every time.

    Blueberry Wine $8.95

    Perfectly sweetened this wine has flavors of the soft tannins from the delicate skin of the blueberries. Leaving a sweet pleasant finish.

    Riesling Wine $10.95

    This wine has a crisp Bartlett Pear and sweet grape notes, leaving a crisp finish with a hint of spices. An experience that will leave you wanting more.

    Pino Grigio Wine $9.95

    Created from white grapes this wine has a sweet yet delicate tart flavor. Perfect for those lazy evenings on the porch.

    Irish Diva Wine $9.95

    This is a sweet white Muscat wine, with its soft fruity hints of flavor this wine leaves a refreshing and crisp finish that you cannot resist.

    Red Passion Wine $9.95

    This wine is made from Wisconsin Door County Sweet Cherries, with a bit of mulling spices this wine is sure to keep you warm.

    Rhubarb Wine $9.95

    This is a soft sweet wine made from the Strawberry Rhubarb plant, this very mild flavor will remind you of Grandma’s Rhubarb Pie, simply irresistible.

    Raspberry Cream Wine $10.95

    This wine is a blend of Raspberry Wine and Cream Soda, these flavors together bring back memories of being a kid with an adult twist.

    Plum Wine $9.95

    This is a bit of sweet and a bit of tart, with the memories of visiting grandma’s house and enjoying her freshly baked plum pie.


    Old Fashioned Cherry Wine $14.95

    Just like the Wisconsin classic drink this Old Fashioned Wine is just the same only with the added soda. So go ahead and add a splash for an easy evening.

    Irish Gold Honey $19.95

    This wine is made from Florida Orange Blossom Honey that is aged for two years. Those little worker bees worked hard to create the amazing flavors you will experience.

    Dutch Apple Pie $14.95

    Just like the shot in the bar but with a fun twist. Our Apple wine is blended with a bit of mulling spices then a bit brandy to top it off, bringing it to 20% alcohol.